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Hotel in North Cyprus

Buying commercial real estate in Northern Cyprus is a crucial undertaking. It will not only help to make a profit, but also make your life more stable and joyful. Comprehensive information on the purchase of commercial property in Turkish Cyprus can be obtained on the website of our company Yalkin Group. Professionals will select the best options for you, help you buy the right property by installments or on credit. Commercial real estate in Northern Cyprus

Profitable Acquisitions
Why buy real estate at TRNC? In any country, such an investment of finance brings a lot of income. Having a starting capital and a desire to earn money, you can buy a ready-made business, for example, in the form of a hotel. Since this country is a tourist, the all-season influx of travelers will provide high profits:

Important information
Any real estate here always grows in value;
from renting you can get more than 10% of annual profit;
buying a hotel is a way to earn up to 15% per year.
The sale of hotels in Northern Cyprus with the help of our company is carried out taking into account all the wishes and budget of the customer. We conclude only legally clean transactions, involving the best lawyers of TRNC. All this, undoubtedly, guarantees further prosperity of our client, profit in business.

Purchasing a Hotel
So, you have decided to buy a hotel in Northern Cyprus. The best exclusive offers are presented on the website of our company Yalkin Group.

As you can see, buying a hotel in Northern Cyprus is not difficult. With modern infrastructure and medicine, low tax rates on the island, business development is guaranteed to you.

For information
We offer facilities that are advantageous to customers, and the registration procedure takes 1-2 days. The country has a British legal model that is always on the client side. Our experienced lawyer will verify the legality of the purchase so that your money is safe.

The acquisition of commercial real estate is legitimate, without any risk. Most of the properties are owned by Cypriots, therefore they are sold at domestic prices, discounts of up to 30% are possible.

Our catalog contains the best offers for buying a hotel in the UK, which you will not find in other companies. Contact today and let your dream come true tomorrow!

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